• David and Victoria Beckham’s Hebrew Tattoos

    One of the hottest trends to hit the tattooing world was Hebrew lettering tattoo designs and their are two people to attribute this too and that is David and Victoria Beckham.  In July of 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Beckham travelled to Singapore for their 6th wedding anniversary and at some point either before, during, or after their arrival there, they decided to mark their anniversary by getting the same Hebrew script lettering tattoos done on their bodies, but in different locations. Their choice of Biblical verses and tattoo designs was a verse from the Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) which was written by the mighty and wise Judean King Shlomo HaMelech (King Solomon).
    “Ani LeDodi Ve’Dodi Li harea shoshaneem” which translates to: “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, who grazes among the roses.”

    So whats does it mean: King Shlomo wrote the Song of Songs as an allegory of the relationship between the Creator and the nation of Israel, in terms of the love between a man and a woman. It is recited on“Pesach (Passover) the Holiday that celebrates the liberation of the Jewish People from their slavery in Egypt and their oddesy to claim their birthright, the land of Israel.

    According to Jewish Biblical Sage RASHI, the Megilah (Scroll) is the mashal (allegory) of a young and beautiful woman who becomes engaged to and then marries a king. But very soon after the marriage, she is unfaithful to him, causing him to send her away, into the status of “living widowhood,” meaning she is “as if” a widow, although her husband is still alive. But his love for her remains strong, and he watches over her at all times, from behind the scenes, to protect her. And when she resolves to return to him, and be faithful to him, he will take her back, with a love that is fully restored.

    Now if you know any Beckham or tattoo pop culture history, you would know that UK based artist Louis Molloy was the tattoo artist who’s tattooed nine of the footballer’s now famous tats, but I bet you didn’t know not too long ago, Louis Molloy threatened to sue Beckham if Beckham showed the tattoos in an ad campaign. I do not know the details as to what happened with that episode. Louis Malloy is an awesome, professional tattoo artist as his portfolio speaks for itself, and he was very cool and polite on the phone with me when I called him up. A similar story recently hit the headlines regarding Mike Tyson’s famous facial tribal style tattoo and how the recent blockbuster movie Hangover II used it blatantly without consulting wither Mr Tyson or the tattoo artist that made the design and had the good sense to copyright it.