• How Our Hebrew Tattoo Translation Service Works

    Find Out If Your Desired Phrase Or Word Can Be Tattooed In Hebrew With Our Translation Hebrew Tattoo Service .Despite the fact that Judaism forbids tattoos, tattoos using the ancient, complex and pictorial Hebrew script are surrounded by an air of mystery. Perhaps that is why you are considering getting Hebrew letters, verses and/or words tattooed on your body. However, you will also have to ensure that the Hebrew script is accurate and correct, especially if you do not understand this foreign language. Luckily, we are here to offer you a translation Hebrew tattoo.

    Specifics About Hebrew

    Hebrew is one of the world’s oldest languages, influenced by many of the languages spoken and written today. Like a majority of other languages, Hebrew comes in multiple dialects, and overall, is an intricate language. Mizrahi Hebrew, Modern Israeli Hebrew, Sephardi, and Yemenite Hebrew are some of the major dialects of this language. The Hebrew vocabulary is also different from English vocabulary, which makes it further complicated. That is why experienced and professional translators become necessary for accurate and correct Hebrew tattoo translation. Only an expert and professional translator will be properly knowledgeable in Hebrew grammar.

    How Our Hebrew Tattoo Translation Service Works?

    All you have to do is provide us with the English phrase or words you wanted translated into Hebrew and we will inform you if it can actually be translated into Hebrew accurately and correctly. For a name, phonetic translation or transliteration will be used since many Western names, apart from Biblical names, do not have an equivalent in Hebrew, so the pronunciation of the Hebrew tattoo translation is the same in English.

    You do not have to make any payment until you have contacted us by mail or through the website. We will offer you the following when you choose your service:

    = Direct contact with us via email, where your precise requirements will be clarified.

    = A native Hebrew speaker on our staff will provide you with advice on how well your chosen phrase and/or words can be translated into Hebrew. As mentioned, well known English phrases are often not successfully translated into Hebrew.

    = We will send you a PDF file in which you will see your translation in a myriad of different fonts, in both printed and written forms. It may also show you your translation in Rashi script and Te'amim, and/or with nikud, where applicable. You can then choose the one you want your phrase or word in, without any limitation.

    Efficient, Reasonably-Priced & Rapid Translation Hebrew Tattoo Service

    We understand that the phrase or word that you want to get tattooed in Hebrew script likely holds significant meaning to you. Similarly, providing you with an accurate and correct Hebrew tattoo translation service also holds meaning to us, and that is why we have invested into it to a great extent.

    The translation that we will provide to you will be guaranteed to be free of errors and rapid, for the most reasonable price possible. Our translators possess industry specific and specialized experience, so our translations have years of experience in this industry. Get started now by asking us for a free quote and we will also provide you FREE initial consultation service!

  • Price list

    $4.99 To one word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

    .$9.99 for 2-3 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

    $14.99 for 4-5 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

    $19.99 for 5-7 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

    $29.99 for 7-10 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

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