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Kakoim Hebrew is becoming a highly sought after and common script as far as tattooing is concerned. Its appeal and popularity cuts across many celebrities, and not all of them are Jews. In fact it would not be out of place to mention here that it perhaps has more appeal when compared to Mandarin and Sanskrit which are considered to be one of the oldest scripts and languages. There are many celebrities who have been great fans of Kakoim Hebrew. There are a number of celebrities who have made use of the translating services for various purposes. The list of these famous celebrities are being talked about later in this article. The list can go on and on but at the end of the day what is important is that Hebrew Tatoo is something that appeals to a cross section of society. However, at the end of the day it is all about quality translations from other languages and that is what we are famous for.

What We Provide

We have been able to create a niche for ourselves because we offer the most cost effective, professional and accurate Hebrew Tatoo translation services. We believe and fully understand that the phrase that customers wish to translate in Hebrew has a lot of meaning and significance to them. Therefore we walk that extra mile to ensure that we do a perfect job of it. This is because our main objective and principle is to ensure that the translation that we offer to our customers is nothing but perfect. What sets us apart is from others is the fact that all our translation will be free of errors and we take guarantee for it. We have the best of equipment and infrastructure for the same. We have a qualified Hebrew speaker for the best of translation

professional and accurate Hebrew Tatoo translation services


Hebrew speaker for the best of translation


We offer 50 different fonts to choose from.


very fast service with 24 hour delivery schedule


quality after sales services for any queries and doubts


Our Process

All you have to do is provide us with the English phrase or words you wanted translated into Hebrew and we will inform you if it can actually be translated into Hebrew accurately and correctly. For a name, phonetic translation or transliteration will be used since many Western names, apart from Biblical names, do not have an equivalent in Hebrew, so the pronunciation of the Hebrew tattoo translation is the same in English.

You do not have to make any payment until you have contacted us by mail or through the website. We will offer you the following when you choose your service:

 = Direct contact with us via email, where your precise requirements will be clarified.

 = A native Hebrew speaker on our staff will provide you with advice on how well your chosen phrase and/or words can be translated into Hebrew. As mentioned, well known English phrases are often not successfully translated into Hebrew.

 = We will send you a PDF file in which you will see your translation in a myriad of different fonts, in both printed and written forms. It may also show you your translation in Rashi script and Te'amim, and/or with nikud, where applicable. You can then choose the one you want your phrase or word in, without any limitation.


Send us a request for translation


We will send you the offers


Payment for translation


You will get the translation in 24 hours

Who We Are

We are a service provider who have the required experience and expertise in the field of Hebrew Tattoo. While some come to us for covering their bodies with some artworks, others come to us for tattooing their bodies with some symbols and phrases which help them to relate their faith with almighty. Hence for all those who are looking for the right connection between faith and the almighty, there is no doubt that our Hebrew tattoo can do a wonderful job. What separates us from the rest is the quality of translation that we provide. This is important because there is a thin line between correct translation which could get disturbed if not done in a professional manner. This is an area where we have excelled and set new benchmarks for others to follow. We are able to offer the best because we have the right wherewithal and infrastructure for doing a wonderful job of even the most complex translation.

The Services That We Provide

There are many services that we provide to our valued customers. We offer complete end to end solutions for our customers. These include preliminary contact with our customers by mail to try and understand their requirements fully. We will put on our customers to a native Hebrew. He or she will explain as to how perfectly the particular phrase or word can be translated into Hebrew. There is no denying the fact that not all English phrases and words can be translated perfectly into Hebrew. Once these basics have been put in place, we will send a PDF file containing the Hebrew translation in various fonts. It will be available in both written and printed formats. We also show the translation script in Rashi script and Te’amim along with Nikud. We leave it to the customer and allow them to choose the one that meets their specific needs and requirements.

Types Of Hebrew Translation

We would like to point out here that there are basically two basic points to be kept in mind while going in for Hebrew translation. One is the modern Hebrew which is relatively easier to understand and the other is the Hebrew that has been used for writing the Bible. Hence, when it comes to translating the right phrase some basic knowledge about the language is also required by the customers. Hebrew is written from right to left. It has 27 alphabets. It has consonants and the reader must know how to apply the vowel at the right place. This is referred to as abjad type of letters. The bible phrase cannot generally be used for translation of phrases from one language to another because of its complexity.

Things To Be Careful When Translating From Other Languages To Hebrew

There are quite a few things that one must be careful when going in for translation works from other language to Hebrew. One of the biggest problems is just copying the alphabets by persons who do not either understand the language nor can they speak it. Hence they end up making a total mess of the whole translation jobs. Networking is another common problem that one should be careful about. It has to be bore in mind that writing Hebrew vertically and horizontally makes a big difference. This is something that not many foreign language customers are aware of. There could be instances where the customers might have wanted translation to the phrase “I Love XXX” and that too in vertical form. If the job is handled by a unprofessional transcriber then he or she could end up changing the meaning completely. Therefore as responsible translators we would like to place some common points before our customers.
· Hebrew is written from right to left and hence the rightmost letter should be on the top.
· Letter Yod is often mistaken as apostrophe and the meaning gets wrongly changed because of it.
· Similar sounding letter and similar looking words can also make a lot of difference. For example “ten’ means give which when replaced by “chen” would become grace and so on.

Tattoo Gallery

Hebrew Tattoos is fashionable and cool to get in various scripts.
Here are some examples include explanations in Hebrew tattoos

Mother With Names Tattoo

Back of this mother displays the names of her sons, carved in Hebrew, as a mark of love and affection.

Hebrew Name Tattoo

Daniel is a very popular name in Hebrew and this man with same name has got it carved in Hebrew.

Holy Hebrew Tattoo

Tattoo carved on both forearms that means “to worship” in Hebrew and represents the religious nature of the wearer.

Hebrew Ankle Tattoo

Simple and sober Hebrew tattoo, carved just above the ankle, looks nice in its neat form.

Pretty Hebrew Tattoo

This Hebrew tattoo pertains to the name of a god called Esh Okhlah and means “consuming fire”.

Collar Bone Tattoo

Cool Hebrew script tattoo, carved on the side of the chest, that is simple and clean in appearance

Foot Tattoo

Sweet tattoo that says “my delight is in her” and is a symbol of the love, the wearer nurses in her heart for her daughter.

Love Tattoo

This man got his mother’s name, carved in Hebrew, on both sides of the shoulder to show his love and respect.

Hebrew Leg Tattoo

Hebrew phrase tattoo, carved for inspiration, that says “I will heal you and make you better”.

Shoulder Hebrew Tattoo

The girl flaunts in style her straight and neat Hebrew tattoo design, carved on the shoulder, with black ink.

Hebrew Hand Tattoo

Words carved in Hebrew, find place on both the forearms, that look mysterious but hold meaning for the wearer.

Hebrew Back Tattoo

Upper back etched with Hebrew script, that holds meaning for the wearer and makes him feel motivated.

Tattoos Of Celebrities

Finally given the excellent translation work that professionals do, many celebrities have started using Hebrew translated phrases. While some of them would like it for conveying some message to their beloved or for some other purpose, there are others who use it for interacting with god as a matter of faith. The list of celebrities is long and here are few that are worth mentioning

Video -Tattoos Of Celebrities

· David Beckham is considered to be one of the best celebrities who has been using translated Hebrew as tattoo in various parts of his body. This is because, for him and many other celebrities, Hebrew tattoo has an aura of its own which is worth mentioning.

· Madonna is one more celebrity who has Hebrew translations tattooed on her body. A few of them could be controversial. Nonetheless it shows that this is something that attracts celebrities of various types and professions.

· Britney Spears who has had a roller coaster of life has used Hebrew tattooing with the main objective of being closer to god but later found that there was an error in it. Finally she had no other option but to laser it off. Hence choosing the right translator is very important.

· Christina Aguilera is one more celebrity who has a Hebrew Tattoo on her left arm. She also has tattoo on her which talks about her being the beloved for her boyfriend and vice-versa.

Pricing Table


  • $4.99
    1 word
  • 1 Single word translation
  • 50 font types
  • 24 hours Express service
  • Including specific instructions
  • nikud-no extra charge
  • SUPPORT Including
  • $14.99
    4-6 word
  • 4-6 word translation
  • 50 font types
  • 24 hours Express service
  • Including specific instructions
  • nikud-no extra charge
  • SUPPORT Including
  • $19.99
    6-8 word
  • 6-8 word translation
  • 50 font types
  • 24 hours Express service
  • Including specific instructions
  • nikud-no extra charge
  • SUPPORT Including

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Hebrew Tattoo Phrases

We are quite different from others because of the fact that we are experienced and have the required expertise in this translation job. As mentioned quite a few times translating phrases from other languages to Hebrew is not easy and calls for special understanding of both the languages. We have been, over the years, able to create a big place for ourselves with our ability to translate languages into both Modern Hebrew and Hebrew Bible. While the former could be done by a few, translating other languages into Hebrew Bible is virtually difficult to say the least. This is where we excel when compared to others. The reason for this is because we have a special Hebrew translator who carries a lot of experience in this particular field. Further we also have the required infrastructure and other amenities and facilities to make a perfect job of it under all circumstances. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hence, the best way to judge us is by our work. We guarantee that even the smallest work will be of the highest standards and the translation will be flawless.

hebrew tattoo ideas

1. “Child of God” Hebrew Tattoo: This Hebrew tattoo is the perfect start to our list as it simply says “Child of God” in Hebrew. This tattoo is an apt way to flaunt your deep faith in God and the special bond you share with your creator. Have this tattoo replicated on your skin just as it is depicted here.

2.“Love” Hebrew Tattoo:This Hebrew tattoo simply spells out the one word that makes the world go around which is love. This simple yet attractive Hebrew tattoo is a subtle way to flaunt your romantic inclinations. Keep it small, keep it simple and stick to a shade of darkest black for maximum impact.

3.Shalom” Hebrew Tattoo: Shalom is a popular form of greeting in the Hebrew language and this subtle yet attractive tattoo puts the word to good use. Shalom is also used to signify peace between two entities. Have this inscribed on your skin and let this tattoo inspire you with its beauty and profound message.

4. “This too shall Pass” Hebrew Tattoo: This profound Hebrew message in the form of tattoo art is essential inspiration for the usual big or small hurdles we face in life. Let this tattoo be a source of encouragement and a constant reminder that even the toughest challenges in life can be overcome.

5. “If I am not myself, who will I be for me?” Hebrew Tattoo: This simple message depicted through tattoo art is more of a statement than a question. This attractive and profound Hebrew message tattoo simply says “If I am not myself, who will I be for me?” If you take pride in your originality and uniqueness this is the tattoo for you.

largest font offerings in Hebrew Tattoo

We can provide you with dozens of font and style options, not just one or two. Why have a Hebrew tattoo in the same font as everybody else? Our many options mean that you can choose a style that you feel suits you best. We have over 150 for you to choose from. We will supply your chosen word / phrase in ‘outline’ lettering (which your tattooist may require) and if requested, will also include vertical directions, make your text run in a circle or an arch, and all of this at no extra cost – other websites charge extra for this.

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