The Company And Our Service – Kakoim Hebrew is becoming a highly sought after and common script as far as tattooing is concerned. Its appeal and popularity cuts across many celebrities, and not all of them are Jews. In fact it would not be out of place to mention here that it perhaps has more appeal when compared to Mandarin and Sanskrit which are considered to be one of the oldest scripts and languages. There are many celebrities who have been great fans of Kakoim Hebrew. There are a number of celebrities who have made use of the translating services for various purposes. The list of these famous celebrities are being talked about later in this article. The list can go on and on but at the end of the day what is important is that Hebrew Tatoo is something that appeals to a cross section of society. However, at the end of the day it is all about quality translations from other languages and that is what we are famous for.

The Services That We Provide

There are many services that we provide to our valued customers. We offer complete end to end solutions for our customers. These include preliminary contact with our customers by mail to try and understand their requirements fully. We will put on our customers to a native Hebrew. He or she will explain as to how perfectly the particular phrase or word can be translated into Hebrew. There is no denying the fact that not all English phrases and words can be translated perfectly into Hebrew. Once these basics have been put in place, we will send a PDF file containing the Hebrew translation in various fonts. It will be available in both written and printed formats. We also show the translation script in Rashi script and Te’amim along with Nikud. We leave it to the customer and allow them to choose the one that meets their specific needs and requirements.

Types Of Hebrew Translation

We would like to point out here that there are basically two basic points to be kept in mind while going in for Hebrew translation. One is the modern Hebrew which is relatively easier to understand and the other is the Hebrew that has been used for writing the Bible. Hence, when it comes to translating the right phrase some basic knowledge about the language is also required by the customers. Hebrew is written from right to left. It has 27 alphabets. It has consonants and the reader must know how to apply the vowel at the right place. This is referred to as abjad type of letters. The bible phrase cannot generally be used for translation of phrases from one language to another because of its complexity.

Things To Be Careful When Translating From Other Languages To Hebrew

There are quite a few things that one must be careful when going in for translation works from other language to Hebrew. One of the biggest problems is just copying the alphabets by persons who do not either understand the language nor can they speak it. Hence they end up making a total mess of the whole translation jobs. Networking is another common problem that one should be careful about. It has to be bore in mind that writing Hebrew vertically and horizontally makes a big difference. This is something that not many foreign language customers are aware of. There could be instances where the customers might have wanted translation to the phrase “I Love XXX” and that too in vertical form. If the job is handled by a unprofessional transcriber then he or she could end up changing the meaning completely. Therefore as responsible translators we would like to place some common points before our customers.





All you have to do is provide us with the English phrase or words you wanted translated into Hebrew and we will inform you if it can actually be translated into Hebrew accurately and correctly. For a name, phonetic translation or transliteration will be used since many Western names, apart from Biblical names, do not have an equivalent in Hebrew, so the pronunciation of the Hebrew tattoo translation is the same in English.

You do not have to make any payment until you have contacted us by mail or through the website. We will offer you the following when you choose your service:

= Direct contact with us via email, where your precise requirements will be clarified.

= A native Hebrew speaker on our staff will provide you with advice on how well your chosen phrase and/or words can be translated into Hebrew. As mentioned, well known English phrases are often not successfully translated into Hebrew.

= We will send you a PDF file in which you will see your translation in a myriad of different fonts, in both printed and written forms. It may also show you your translation in Rashi script and Te’amim, and/or with nikud, where applicable. You can then choose the one you want your phrase or word in, without any limitation.


What We Provide

We have been able to create a niche for ourselves because we offer the most cost effective, professional and accurate Hebrew Tattoo translation services. We believe and fully understand that the phrase that customers wish to translate in Hebrew has a lot of meaning and significance to them. Therefore we walk that extra mile to ensure that we do a perfect job of it. This is because our main objective and principle is to ensure that the translation that we offer to our customers is nothing but perfect. What sets us apart is from others is the fact that all our translation will be free of errors and we take guarantee for it. We have the best of equipment and infrastructure for the same. We have a qualified Hebrew speaker for the best of translation

The list of our services
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Our translation includes everything you need to successful tattoo

50 different font types
The provisions of tattoo artist how to make it right
 includes provisions for vertical tattoo
fast service up to 24 hours for translation
Support questions after translation


We are a service provider who have the required experience and expertise in the field of Hebrew Tattoo. While some come to us for covering their bodies with some artworks, others come to us for tattooing their bodies with some symbols and phrases which help them to relate their faith with almighty. Hence for all those who are looking for the right connection between faith and the almighty, there is no doubt that our Hebrew tattoo can do a wonderful job. What separates us from the rest is the quality of translation that we provide. This is important because there is a thin line between correct translation which could get disturbed if not done in a professional manner. This is an area where we have excelled and set new benchmarks for others to follow. We are able to offer the best because we have the right wherewithal and infrastructure for doing a wonderful job of even the most complex translation.


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            10-20- WORD HEBREW TRANSLATION

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              Finally given the excellent translation work that professionals do, many celebrities have started using Hebrew translated phrases. While some of them would like it for conveying some message to their beloved or for some other purpose, there are others who use it for interacting with god as a matter of faith. The list of celebrities is long and here are few that are worth mentioning

              · David Beckham is considered to be one of the best celebrities who has been using translated Hebrew as tattoo in various parts of his body. This is because, for him and many other celebrities, Hebrew tattoo has an aura of its own which is worth mentioning.

              · Madonna is one more celebrity who has Hebrew translations tattooed on her body. A few of them could be controversial. Nonetheless it shows that this is something that attracts celebrities of various types and professions.

              · Britney Spears who has had a roller coaster of life has used Hebrew tattooing with the main objective of being closer to god but later found that there was an error in it. Finally she had no other option but to laser it off. Hence choosing the right translator is very important.

              · Christina Aguilera is one more celebrity who has a Hebrew Tattoo on her left arm. She also has tattoo on her which talks about her being the beloved for her boyfriend and vice-versa.


              Body art is at a level of popularity unprecedented in the history of the world. It comes in many forms as well, offering choices guaranteed to suit patrons of all backgrounds… provided they are willing to go through the pain to get them. From subdermal implants to body piercing, there it can be argued that there is beauty in reshaping your look the way you wish. Of course, the body mod with quite possibly the deepest history behind it is body ink — the tattoo — and one of today’s most popular designs is the Hebrew tattoo. There are quite a few good reasons for this specific style of tattoo’s rise in popularity. I’d like to allow you to journey through them with me. That said, here are ten reasons to get a Hebrew tattoo.

              1.The History Hebrew tattoos

              The Hebrew language can be traced back to roots about twelve-thousand years old. That kind of age means it has endured and borne witness to some of history’s highest highs and lowest lows. If anyone with any sense of nostalgia allows that thought to enter their minds, the kind of awe that such history inspires can be enough to make them consider getting a tattoo.

              The Old Testament Hebrew tattoos

              2. The Old Testament — Believer or not, the Bible is still the most published book in the world; and the contents don’t have to be taken as a spiritual message for the beauty of the literature to be admired, or the poetry of the book of Psalms to be enjoyed. The Old Testament in particular is full of meaningful quotations that are often chosen for tattoos; particularly by people who want meaning in whatever modifications they choose. Getting Bible verses printed in Hebrew feels very traditional and very fitting.

              There are innumerable reasons why one wants to get a tattoo. Tattoos are style statements. They are declarations that one makes about oneself to the world

              The Mystery Hebrew tattoos

              3. The Mystery — Because Hebrew tattoos are written in — well — Hebrew, there tends to be an air of mystery around them. Strangers on the street can admire the artist’s handiwork but will be oblivious to the message unless they are either versed in Hebrew or a close friend of the owner. This adds some flavor to owning a Hebrew tattoo because the owner gains an aura of mystery or exclusivity around him.

              The Art Hebrew tattoo

              4. The Art — Let’s face it any time that characters other than those in the Latin alphabet are used for tattoos, the work tends to be admired more This is because we are so used to seeing the letters of the ISO Latin Alphabet that there is no thrill in looking at them anymore. The Hebrew alphabet, like Sanskrit or the Chinese alphabet, has its unique style of characters that provide a fresh sight for eyes tired of the cliché.

              The Restrictions Hebrew tattoo

              5. The Restrictions — Not to disrespect Jewish tradition or believers in the bible, but because of a specific bible verse — Leviticus 19:28 — body art is sometimes viewed as a sinful act. In truth, one who reads the bible will find that a lot of the laws in the book of Leviticus seem unreasonable, and getting a Hebrew tattoo adds an air of rebellion to the owner of the ink. Add that on top of what your parents would have told you when you were a kid. Should we be surprised? History has shown that censorship has always been met with disdain, after all

              The Trend Hebrew tattoo

              6. The Trend — The trend of Hebrew tattoos is currently at the point where it is popular enough to be considered cool, but not yet at the point where it just feels too common for the owner of the tattoos to stand out from the crowd. Of course, that period will eventually end, but until then, it’s a perfect opportunity to get one for yourself.

              The Message Hebrew tattoo

              7. The Message — The point of having letters printed on any medium is to relay a message; no matter how outlandish, beautiful, or stupid the writer wants it to be Meanwhile, the point of tattoos is self-expression; whether for no reason, a personal reason, or for the sake of having a design that looks cool. If you have a tattoo, it will always say something about who you are on the inside, even if you deny it with the way you talk, dress, and act. Having Hebrew letters directly say what that thing about you allows you to shout it to the world with pride (without ruining your vocal cords).

              The Culture Hebrew tattoo

              8. Culture — Modern society can’t get enough of multiculturalism. Having a modern piece of artwork in a very traditional style is one of the best examples of this Couple this standpoint with the fact that the Jewish people have seen more hardship — and hate — than other cultures and survived, and you can consider your skin to be the perfect representation of multiculturalism.

              The Magic Hebrew tattoo

              9. The Magic — This one is largely debatable, but it’s still a big reason people get Hebrew tattoos. The Kabbalah is a discipline based upon mystic interpretation of the Bible (which is ironic, considering the Bible’s firm stand against mysticism, but who’s to judge?). The esoteric movement is one of the most infamous in the world. This “magic” connection motivates some people to get inked with Hebrew script with the intent of harnessing a portion of this power; or at the very least, some luck. Either way, it leads to some of the most envious designs in the industry.

              The End — Eventually Hebrew tattoo

              10. The End — Eventually, Hebrew tattoos will fall in popularity; such is the fate of all pop trends. That is not a reason not to get one, however. With the way things are now, not every tattoo artist knows how to translate Hebrew properly; so much of what you see printed on other people’s chests is bound to be removed in the foreseeable future. If you find a tattoo artist who knows what they are writing down, you’re in luck. When the trend dies out, you’ll be one of the few who can keep wearing their Hebrew tattoo with pride, knowing it means so much more to you than everyone else’s has been removed by laser. You’ll feel like that kid who kept his Babe Ruth baseball card when everyone else threw theirs away with the gum. The attraction to Hebrew symbols is not a new (angled thing as individuals have had diverse types of Hebrew tattoos inked on them for many years. The trend for Hebrew tattoos is determined by the rising reputation of the language’s symbolism for film stars and other personalities. Hebrew symbols have achieved dishonor over the last few days. For some, a Hebrew tattoo can express a profound spiritual connection whether for love, faith as well as courage. There are many kinds of these tattoos to choose from, and the essential thing is to get a translation from a native speaker so that you know what your tattoo means. For instance, tattoos are forbidden in Judaism so the use of Hebrew script in tattoos can’t be for Jewish religious reasons. However, essentially, there is an explanation as to why many people choose tattoos with Hebrew letters. Therefore, the ten reasons why people should get one Hebrew tattoo include the following;
              It forces people to learn a little Hebrew

              11 It forces people to learn a little Hebrew

              Getting another language tattooed on your body forever would hopefully inspire individuals actually to study the Hebrew language a little. As time goes individually, ideally comprehend the Hebrew language and further can integrate the meaning of every tattoo.
              It’s like the Christian version of the Chinese

              12 It’s like the Christian version of the Chinese symbol

              If Chinese Bible verse is tattooed in Hebrew, chances are they are Christians. Putting to skin with Biblical praise in Hebrew is a permanent commitment to the meaning of the phrase as well as an outward expression of inner beliefs.

              Hebrew tattoos tend to be small and less painful

              13 Hebrew tattoos tend to be small and less painful
              Tattoos are delivered through hot, constant, and sharp needles. Getting tattoos lends a certain amount of mystery since most people will always be wondering what it says. In Israel, most people understand Hebrew symbols because it is more common.

              Hebrew tattoos Appearance

              14 Appearance
              The fact of the matter is that even if you don’t understand the meaning of the Hebrew tattoo words you will ideally admire the curves as well as swirls of the script. Hebrew text is aesthetic in appearance in the same way that Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, as well as Japanese scripts, are It is of great importance to look for a professional if you want a tattoo in Hebrew and checked by a Hebrew speaker for precision. As a point of fact, the use of Hebrew letters and Hebrew script in Tattoos is rather sarcastic on one end people are trying to be more religious along with giving their religious tattoo implications, and on the different tattoos are completely taboo in the Jewish religion.

              Hebrew and the Bible

              15 Hebrew and the Bible
              Hebrew in the Old Testament is the original language used, so there is faith significance in Hebrew tattoos. Hebrew tattoo is a spiritual language, and the original Biblical is incredibly poetic more so perhaps than English. Ideally, putting ink to skin with Biblical praise in Hebrew is an enduring commitment to the phrase’s connotation and an apparent expression of central beliefs.
              Ancient languages in tattoos

              16 Ancient languages in tattoos

              Hebrew is an ancient language that causes people to get Hebrew symbols. Ancient languages are becoming popular with some people being able to read Hebrew symbols as well as comprehend them. As a point of fact, ancient languages play a vital role in the lives of most people. Ideally, this helps them to prefer using Hebrew tattoos. Hebrew is one of the ancient languages, it brings a sophisticated as well as comprehensive history. Therefore, it causes many people get Hebrew tattoos because other languages are not accessible.
              Hebrew tattoos conjure up images of Biblical forefathers
              17 Hebrew tattoos conjure up images of Biblical forefathers
              The appearance of Hebrew letters is charged with cultural as well as spiritual emotions and a universal western experience. Individuals prefer pictures of Biblical forefathers to act as a remembrance of their ancestors for quite some time

              Hebrew Kabbalah Tattoos

              18 Kabbalah Tattoos
              This type is an inspiration for many people who buy Hebrew tattoos. Each type is associated with a particular divine quality. The symbol is attributed with many meanings and mystic significance. Choosing a Kabbalah tattoo in Hebrew sets in more connotation than an English expression could. For instance, the Kabbalah tattoo of a red string is said to protect against evil. Therefore, a Hebrew tattoo articulates your deep religious studies.
              Hebrew print also has a numerical value, so when you get a Hebrew tattoo, the message you choose will have another category of meaning as each number also carries its implication.

              Hebrew Spiritual well-being

              19 Spiritual well-being
              In Hinduism, Hebrew tattoos marked on the forehead are encouraged to enhance beauty. The local, regional tribes use symbols to distinguish between certain clans as well as ethnic groups. In old times, tattoos may have been worn giving a long history of body modification as well as enhancement in the Indian culture. These symbols protect Hindu men and women from evil and wicked spirits.

              The cost of removing Hebrew tattoos is less-expensive

              20 The cost of removing Hebrew tattoos is less-expensive
              If you decide five years from now you don’t like your Hebrew tattoo anymore, there is no assurance you can get it exclusively removed. The cost of removing a tattoo is less expensive as compared to the expenses of getting the tattoo in the first place.

              In conclusion, the prevalent belief that Jews with tattoos cannot be buried in a Jewish graveyard is not right. Some burial societies may have imposed such a rule upon themselves. However, essentially, in Judaism, there is nothing that forbids a tattoo from having a Jewish burial in a Jewish memorial park.
              Celebrities such as Madonna and others have popularized what they call Kabala, and this may be one reason why so many people are sporting Hebrew tattoos lettering on their bodies. From the Christians’ point of view, the Bible forbids tattoos in any language. Tattoos were used by the Nazis to brand human beings like cattle.
              Therefore, it is evident that getting a Hebrew tattoo or any other kind of hurts and it can take several hours whereby there is a chance of the wound becoming infected.
              There are innumerable reasons why one wants to get a tattoo. Tattoos are style statements. They are declarations that one makes about oneself to the world. On a bad day, tattoos might even work as a saving grace and on a good day, they give out your attitude in style.
              People are very much drawn towards language tattoo inscriptions in ancient languages like Sanskrit, Latin, or Hebrew a rave these days.ln fact, one can find many celebrities sporting such ancient inscriptions on their body and these have become cool style statements. One can find numerous reasons for wanting a tattoo in an ancient language. Hebrew is much sort after language to be tattooed upon even by non-Christians
              . Some of the reasons why this archaic and esteemed language ought to make fine body inscriptions are as follows;
              1)Hebrew tattoos are mysterious and fascinating.

              2)They are bold-style statements that are cool and serious at the same time.

              3)They give out an aura of dignity, which makes it all the more alluring.

              4)Hebrew is a beautifully stylish language with alphabets that are enchanting and eye-catching.

              5)This ancient language when tattooed will not spoil the occasion that one is in. They gel with formal and informal situations, alike.

              6)Many celebrities are sporting Hebrew inscriptions on their bodies which itself guarantees its style quotient.

              7)Hebrew tattoos are never too much. Much like wine, it grows on you as you get older and forms a part of your persona in a very charismatic and dignified way.

              8)The permanency of tattoos is tricky, but ancient inscriptions are bound to remain beautiful even when one loses out on the moment that inspired one to get such a tattoo.

              9)Beautiful life messages in Hebrew can render one a religious experience and also transport one into the realm of beauty and divinity.

              10)The language itself has one of the most beautiful inscriptions and can transform one’s body and personality in a single etch.
              Teachings and names of Jesus are the most commonly found tattoos. They can be crisp and loaded at the same time Many world-famous personalities have in fact tattoos in ancient languages.
              Hebrew remains a highly sort after language to be inscribed upon oneself. The sheer beauty and magnetism of the letters are astounding, so much so that they are head-turners. They pair well with casual attires giving one a cheeky dignified informality and they imbibe a formal dress by imparting it with silent and bold esteem.
              The trick, however, is to not overdo it One has to choose the message that one wants to pick up as a style statement, very carefully. The fact that celebrities sport Hebrew tattoos are a testimony to their enchantment. Painted in black, and in beautiful aesthetic letters, these tattoos can perhaps form a single style statement that can carry one a long way.
              They mark as a symbol of divinity despite one’s religion
              One can be a believer or otherwise, but the charm of a good Hebrew tattoo will never wear off. It will be worth all the pain of tattooing. Under the eye of an expert, these letters can be beautifully crafted to be an art in itself outside the beauty of their meaning. That can make its permanence a factor of advantage since its charm of it seldom wears off. Beautiful letters of Hebrew thus make an ideal body etching art, that can transform one’s body into an agency of admiration.
              Simple aesthetic words or profound bold letters, can all make a tattoo transcend its purpose of being a mere body art. Hebrew tattoo is also the art of transcendence. One can transform one’s body into a canvas of beautiful and profound messages, etched to perfection. There are many styles in vogue today, regarding Hebrew tattoos. One needs to choose wisely, a tattoo that serves one’s purpose and suits one’s body type. The element of mystery that surrounds an ancient language tattoo, makes people take to it positively.
              They become intrigued as to what it can mean, and enchanted by the sheer beauty of archaic letters. The complex history of Hebrew, given that its an ancient language is also one that is complex. Hebrew tattoo scripts about the different biblical allusions, conjuring up images of Biblical characters that are charged with cultural and spiritual emotions that render a universality to the western experience of devotion
              ln spite of the availability of many ancient languages, as tattoos, the popularity, and preference of Hebrew cannot be argued with. The fact that, despite belonging to the ancient category of languages, Hebrew is still very much in circulation makes the language far more preferable than other extinct and seldom understood languages. There are many people around the world, who can read and better yet, write Hebrew, which makes it a language that is archaic and present at the same time This delivers an ancient quality that is sophisticated in the present. Mysticism is the true inspiration behind such tattoos. The Tree of Life, The 72 names of God, are some of the most preferred Hebrew tattoos, that transcend one into the realm of spirituality and beauty.
              The tattoos form a way of one’s deep expression of devotion. Though many are just taken in by its stylish letters that are fascinating to the eye. Hebrew tattoos have multi-layered meanings, in the form of letters and numerals. The sheer poetic quality of Hebrew makes it an ideal language for the tattoo. Being also the language of the Old Testament, the tattoo becomes a permanent expression of one’s spirituality and inner self.
              The aesthetics of Hebrew tattoos, alone make them enchanting; hence even when one cannot grasp their meaning, one is taken up by its beautiful curvy letters that swirl into perfection. Thus even in between religious taboos associated with the art of tattooing, people are more and more taking up this body art and Hebrew tattoo has become so popular for being an expression of beauty and divinity. The mystical element is so alluring that it simply is irresistible. But the trick is to get it done by a professional because true beauty demands perfection.
              Accuracy is key when it comes to Hebrew tattoos, thus seeking out a true professional is the first step toward getting a Hebrew tattoo. Hebrew tattoo is a simple yet sophisticated body art that needs no other to compliment it.lt stands alone on the body and it stands mighty!
              Tattoos are not a symbol of anything bad, tattoos are beautiful they are a symbol of art. Many people have been fascinated with different tattoos type, designs, and symbols. Also, the fascination of having Hebrew tattoo drawings is not something strange or new as a large number do have Hebrew tattoos with different meanings.
              Before choosing a tattoo design it would be good to have a native speaker translate for you Hebrew tattoo translation entails bringing out the meaning of a tattoo which is only done by Hebrew-speaking people and it’s important to get your Hebrew tattoo meaning translated to you before it being drawn otherwise the meaning of your tattoo can be lost
              Some professional translators can always give a correct and accurate translation of tattoo designs from English to Hebrew without losing the meaning of the tattoo, also exist tattoo translation companies and also programs but the best is the one done by a native speaker who is a professional.
              I know about 25types of sacred Hebrew tattoos ideas, their meaning, and translation, although I can’t list them all I am in a position to outline the meaning of a few: -Hebrew Love Tattoo; loving is a common concept it is always hard to misinterpret the meaning of this Hebrew tattoo, this tattoo is mostly drawn on the arm but can also be drawn on other parts of the body. The tattoo is also common due to the symbolic meaning of love associated with it -Family Hebrew tattoo;
              the best way to show the concern and importance of a family in one’s life is through tattoos, family is the most important thing in someone’s life and tattoos now play a part in expressing this. The Calligraphy used in Hebrew also makes this tattoo look better and good compared to when the tattoo is written in English.
              Hebrew phrases tattoo; Hebrews do have many cultural and religious practices associated with some phrases. when you opt to get such a tattoo of religious or cultural nature, you can still have a tattoo in English translated by a native to Hebrew but care must be taken so that the meaning of the tattoo doesn’t get lost. Many people prefer Hebrew tattoos because of their attractive look and design, also the calligraphy used is so much attractive to the eye and would leave one yearning for such a beautiful or good-looking tattoo
              Apart from the two above, there are Kabbalah tattoos, Hebrew fidelity tattoos, and Hebrew alphabet tattoos among many others.

              Our solution to Hebrew Tattoo

              What do you get as you buy a translation  In Hebrew Tattoo

              Hebrew Tattoo Low priced
              They have relatively low prices for their services.They charge as low as 6.99 dollars for a single. In case there is a nikud, the charges not changes . Some services are absolutely free. All consultations for verses and phrases are free.

              Hebrew Tattoo Quick service
              They are very first and efficient in their services. Upon placing an order with Hebrew tattoo and translation, you will be attended within a span of 24 hours. They have more than enough skilled workmanship to ensure clients are attended within the shortest time possible.

              Hebrew Tattoo Font design
              No need to have a tattoo in the same font while Hebrew and translation tattooing have a dozen of font and style from which you choose your best font. They have over 50 fonts available for their clients available in their website. They are perfect in any font you choose done to you. They have cursive or written font.

              Hebrew Tattoo Translation
              Most of their artisans and artists do not understand Hebrew language and could therefore design calligraphy running in the wrong direction. The company engages a Hebrew translator in order to ensure your tattoos are not designed poorly. A translator brings out the message contained in the tattoo making it easier for the artisan to design it right.

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              We are building a community who will gather around Israeli artists, and provide them with a platform to express their art. Here they will be able to connect with each other and inspire one another. This community will guide them on the way to the block-chain, and give them the tools that they need in order to make a living out of art in the modern world.

              coming soon

              Hebrewnft artists community

              We are building a community who will gather around Israeli artists, and provide them with a platform to express their art. Here they will be able to connect with each other and inspire one another. This community will guide them on the way to the block-chain, and give them the tools that they need in order to make a living out of art in the modern world.